Friday, 15 March 2013

On an oasis

“The grass is always greener on the other side”. This is a statement that has driven the aspirations and dreams of many a people.
I have seen people standing on grass that is greener than green, but society has taught that there is a patch somewhere that makes their green appear pink, or maybe like chaff. I look and see a place where so many would love to dance and paint canvasses that have never been perceived and grow trees that give birth to fruits never imagined, but people still don’t see this, they still run after the greener patch.
 Perhaps you too have believed this, perhaps you have been standing looking around and never where you are. Have you ever thought that maybe you are standing on an oasis? That maybe, just maybe, around you there is no grass but water and sand. Maybe all your life you have been trying to get to the greener side, but there is no other side, you are standing on an oasis. Instead of wanting to move to the other side, which most likely is just fictional, then maybe you should start looking down instead of around. Allow yourself to see the oasis you are standing on and start cultivating it.
What if the patch of grass we are standing on is the only patch there is for us to stand on. What if our feet are the perfect fit for the patch we are on, and all we need to do is make the patch comfortable and make it bloom. Maybe we need a new set of eyes; eyes that will make us see and believe that the other side might not be ours, that the greenery we see on the other person needs not be ours.
Maybe we were all created to remain on an oasis and not an avenue. Even so, be it an oasis or an avenue, keep to your patch.
This is just a loud thought!!!

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