Wednesday, 17 October 2012

In our time

God is a God who has always been relevant, He always came to people in a manner that they could understand and relate with. That’s the reason why we follow Him, because of His track record & His consistency throughout the history of mankind.
When Jesus spoke to farmers & herdsmen, He spoke in a language of sheep; when He spoke to fishermen, they didn’t think there was anything fishy in His speech or language, that’s because He spoke a language they could understand & relate with. He got them hook, line & sinker in a netted boat that sometimes saw rocky roaring seas. But He was relevant to them nonetheless, that is why they followed Him even when at times things did not make sense.
Paul, in his life as Saul, lived to steer people away from what they believed & ridiculed those who followed the Christian faith, trying to show them that it was not the way to go; atleast that’s what he thought and believed. Maybe he would feel that I do him an injustice when I say he “tried” proving them stupid for what they believed- that’s because Saul was no negotiator. He didn’t sit people down around the table & reasoned with them about his beliefs & about how they should turn away from the “ridiculous” things they believed. I can just imagine that if he did, he would come to them asking if they would allow him the opportunity to do them a favour and set them free from their snare of foolishness. He would tell them that they were making a spectacle of themselves & that he had come to help them maintain the little of their dignity and integrity they still had left.

But like I said, Saul was no negotiator. So, when God came to meet with him, He did not negotiate His plan with Saul. He dealt with Saul in the way in which he would understand & relate with- He just stopped him in his tracks & killed him. In the same way that Saul believed there was not enough room in the world for his doctrine and that of Christ, God saw that there was not enough room for Saul & Paul to co-exist. Saul had to die so that Paul could live.
The time we live in is no different, the Lord still wants to speak to us not only through 5 loaves of bread & 2 small fish; but He wants us to come & reason together as He says in the book of Isaiah. He has given us gifts & talents, now He calls us up to come meet with Him in the secret place so that He can show us how we should use them for His glory.
Even in our time, God wants to know what is in our hand that He can use to deliver His people from the captivity that they are in. The Pharaoh was good to teach us what God could do, but it is now time that we let Moses rest. We have sung his praises & tried to be like him, but the work he had been called to do was finished long ago. 

 When God calls me & you, it won’t be through a burning bush, because the bush was burning to catch Moses’s attention. A burning bush said a lot to Moses as a herdsman, it could have meant a possibility of his livestock burning up or starving as a result of the burning bush, that’s why he was interested & drew near to investigate.
Sadly, there are boundaries we have set for ourselves as Christian, without basis. Maybe out of fear? There are territories that we have marked to be the devil’s turf, wrongly so. As a result we don’t explore the gifts and talents that God has given us, because we all want to walk on water & we fear being associated with what we have misguided people to believe is ungodly. It is not mine to walk on water, it is not mine to strike rocks & water springs forth from them. The water I am called to walk on is believing that God will give me wisdom & creative wit to write out scripts that will make it big, not for me, but for His Kingdom’s sake. The rocks I have to strike are the barriers that have been ear marked for the devil in the entertainment industry, & out of that, people will receive life giving water, in a way that makes sense to them & is relevant to them.  

The Arts do not belong to the devil, that is a sad lie, however, that believers have believed. The enemy is not creative in any way, God is the Creator, therefore all creatorial power rests in Him, & I am a co-creator with Him. The latter says then, that the creative arts belong to me as a child of God. All that the enemy can do is pervert what a child of God has created, so, it is time that we claim back the creative arts & make them to be about the Creator.
As creative people, it is up to us to go into the enemy’s camp IN OUR TIME & take back what rightfully belongs to us, to our Father. It is long overdue that we create an environment that our brothers & sisters find homely & a place that they too belong. The heart of God is that all may come to know the truth so that the truth can set them free. We can’t however, reach everyone from the pulpit, but God has given us what we need to be History makers, world changers. Let us step out & step on it as the young people & show the world that Music, Dance, Poetry, Spoken Word, Acting, Writing & Theatre can be used as tools to spread the Gospel.

I have now clad my feet with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace….now, anyone who wants to join me in making waves for the Kingdom of God…..READY, STEADY, WE GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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