Monday, 15 October 2012

He’s a whimsical God

Have you ever had a deep longing to do something that made absolutely no sense? Something that you could not even explain to yourself, let alone to someone else?
Well, about 2 weeks back I had this deep urge to go to the beach, I tried to fight it for a while, but it just would not go away. Mind you, this was not over a weekend while I was taking time out at home; it was on a weekday, and I was at work. I thought that it would just go away, but it didn’t, it just took away my productivity.....I had to go.
So, like a child, I went and stood outside my boss’s office and “pre-pented” (the act of repenting before you commit a sin, hahaha).  Being the amazing person he is, maybe also because the favour of God is on those He has called,  my boss told me it was okay for me to come back late from lunch.
As I got into a taxi to go the beach, I had a lot of questions about my trip, but no answers, all I knew is that I had to go. When I got there, I walked around for a few minutes, hoping to find something that would capture my attention and raise curiosity like the burning bush did for Moses. Also kinda hoped that God would come and part the ocean or do something as whimsical as that....but none of that. Everything and everyone seemed normal, there was no homeless looking old man with a long grey beard to meet me with a board that directed my next step or with a note from heaven. Such a disappointment!!!
I then decided, because I was running out of time, I’d find a place to seat and maybe there I might find a message in a bottle or something as queer as that; I mean, who would not expect that after being practically pulled by the nose to go to a place you would otherwise not go, not willingly. As I found a rock to seat on- a very uncomfortable one I must add, I started beholding the ocean and following the king-fishers that were flying about, anticipating that  one of them would come  and perch on my shoulder and start talking to me....maybe not; but hey, something had to give, and it had to be extra ordinary, otherwise I would have wasted time going down to the beach and using a “favour” from my boss unnecessarily.
There was nothing happening, so I had to ask: “God, why did you bring me here?” As though He had been waiting forever for me to ask, He told me to look at the expanse of the sea, and as I did, He said “that’s how much I love you”. Ok, maybe you are thinking I might have been blown over by that...I’m sorry to say this, but I was very disappointed. I actually made my disappointment known and told God there was no revelation in that, that I already knew. As soon as I said those, I looked over my right shoulder, and there was a young lady taking a stroll. Then it happened.....God made His plans known for having brought me to that place. I can still hear the voice that beckoned me to step over the chicken line: ‘Tell HER that as vast as the ocean is, that’s how much I love her”. Whaaaat! I must do what?
Now was as good as any time for me to start bargaining with God, I tried to wangle my way out of this one. I explained to God that when I said “out of the norm” I didn’t mean that far out. Phew, I was beginning to sweat from fear of coming across as “weird” to this woman I didn’t even know. Okay, I know I’ve been accused of being “weird” and “random” a lot of times before...but this would take that to another level. I didn’t have much time to decide. While I was still trying to get over myself, it seems like the girl also heard something, because she came to sit right next to me. As she greeted, I couldn’t help but laugh, I’m sure she thought I was being rude. Until I told her what had happened just a few seconds before she joined me; she just looked at me and I could see her well up with tears, until she could no longer hold back the flood that had been waiting to be released. Now that is a good day in the Kingdom of God. We started talking and she told me of how she had been feeling that God had turned His back on her and how she was suicidal and saw no value in her life....but God had a plan. She told of how she had travelled for over an hour in a taxi that day, just to get to the beach to “clear her head”. We spoke for what seemed to be a minute, well, that’s because we were both awe-struck. Turns out that it was almost an hour that we were seating there and talking about the goodness of God....then I remembered, I had to go back to work. I had to cut this beautiful experience short, but its effect was by no means short, not for either of us.
Don’t you wish life was like this everyday? Well, it could be, it might not mean going to the beach everyday, the appointed place may be different for all of us. All that is required though is being yielded to the Spirit of God and allow Him to carry you where He pleases. Like me, you might not have the courage to step over the chicken line, but once you have taken the first step and say “yes I will go” even though it makes no logical sense, He will fit all else in its place. He is a whimsical God and He wants all of us to join in on the fun. This story blesses me whenever I hear it in my head, sometimes I also hear it from my heart.
I speak to the lady every now and again, and she always assures me that this day was a good day for her too. I am happy I was part of God showing up, I’ll be a link in His chain all day every day if that’s what is required of me.   There is so much fun in being with Him.

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  1. I'm that girl. That girl who wants burning bushes and parted seas. I'm that girl who wants a billboard with a profound message. I'm that girl...