Monday, 24 September 2012

A sound unheard...

This heart in me dances to a rhythm unknown, twirls & glides to a song to others unheard.

My being attempts to comprehend, but it’s all in vain for the rhythm remains unfathomed.

In a language that only You, I and no other could understand, U wrote words to this song,

Now in a voice that only I can decipher, You sing these words over me.

With rhythms I and only I can hear, the song fills the universe in me within.

A new song rises up within me, in response to the colours that You paint, a tapestry comes through as the life I live in honor of the song You are & sing.

With ways and thoughts that lead to the everlasting, to the reaches unreached & depths untouched, the song calls me deeper, & there I wait to sing with You for eternity.

You are singing over me, and the only recourse is to dance to the beat that comes not only from Your lips but is sung with the heart that is Love.  

As I allow You to teach me, step by step the Waltz in Your heart, the rhythm becomes clear to those around me. They now join in on the dancing, though they have not yet heard the song, but the dance has called them to Your life.

I step aside awhile and allow the new to be enveloped in Your arms, that they also might get their rhythm, the rhythm found only in Your bosom.

They begin to dance to a new song that only they can hear, a song that is different to the one You sing over me, & yet the songs You sing & the dance all come together as one.

You create a harmonious sound & beat with the life You in each one pour out & live, as each of us dances to a rhythm only he & You can hear.

A sweet scent permeates to those within reach, & by the scent they are drawn to You. To them You hand jars of oil, filled with varying scents & substances that create a wondrous symphony.

Seamlessly, with new instruments, the musicians partake in the festivity, for though they also hear a different song, they are one with the overall Song.

In words that none other than You can hear, poets begin to render to You admiration for who You are.

As all nations come together in the rhythm of Your heart, You have made us all one, for the Glory of the One who created the song we sing….now the sound unheard has become the sound that all nations hear & dance to as one….

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