Monday, 3 September 2012

Let rip

Let rip!!
These words tear right to the deep of the deep, breaking through bone & marrow, melting away the slightest hint of doubt & fear that once in me resided. LET RIP.

As these word are spoken over me, calling me to a place unexplored, where I open up my very core to the vulnerability of He who has made me.

I awake as His vessel, a vessel through which He ministers to His offspring the love He poured out on them from when the foundations were not yet formed.

Hearing with His very life in me the cries of humanity as they await the manifestation of the sons of God,

 I see the day when He, in His fullness stepped out of comfort, out of royalty & out of the place of superiority-& came to RIP open the grave that stood as a hindrance between me & He.

My lips cry out “Christ in me IS the hope of glory”, at that my heart sees & hears the jubilation that comes forth from the mouths of babes as they in Him see the salvation of all nations.

Young & old step out & dance in celebration, with colours none has seen bursting forth from their very hearts that dance to the beat that His heart is.

As He LET RIP, He made open the heavenlies so that I in resemblance to He, tear until no more the death that has intimidated & held hostage those He loves & calls His own.

Today, tomorrow & for as long as I live, I let rip the heart that holds back, the voice that’s held in a lump in the throat He soothes & anoints daily with the oil His spirit is.

 I let rip the very root of the fear that has sprouted into a tree of doubt, filled all round with branches of lies that bring nothingness into fruition. I let rip, that I may claim the identity in me He sees & created.

I let rip, that this song He sings in me may be the sound of the nations, quenching the thirsty heart & feeding the hungry soul. I let rip.

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