Wednesday, 19 September 2012

In the vine....maybe not

She praises him for having provided & he in return, thanks her for sewing together what is to be their apparel, their covering & their shield from starkness.
In fig tree leaves he covers himself, convinced that his shame would not be known, that his nakedness would be exposed no longer.
Believing that he has cracked a mystery, he shares his discovery with the one who is part of him, the one who is bone of his bones, whose flesh grows from the bone extracted from he.
       Behold, they take to their part as man & wife, yielding themselves one to another; in unity they stand convinced that they are still one, complete, better than before even.
Their emptiness & death hidden in the very leaf of the tree that has exterminated them, they walk around covered in material that will within no time wilt, because it was never meant for the purpose they have now affixed it.
He provides a shelter for her to make a home, a place where they can bury the shame that they carry in them & cannot escape. They hide from Truth, though He calls them out.
Now 2000 years later, none the wiser, as she lay with him, in a moment of intimacy, she asks him “do you have protection.” Again, to her he yields & she also to he, for see, they are one. Man & wife. Or maybe not.
Their life has become a sequence of deceit centred around covering the shame they suppose no one else will perceive.
Now their death has come in the night like a thief & has made its residence their every vein, being pumped every second into their whole being, making wilt the life within.
Devoted to covering up the lie, they have made again “fig tree leaves” a garment, deceiving themselves more than anyone else to believe that their shame & death is not in them, because they have “Protection”.
Protection from what? Facing up to their actions? Now he says it was her & she pronounces it was  another. It was not their fault no, they were just victims. So they say.
But Truth has come for them, in His hand He carries flesh, His very flesh, as John says He, the Word was always there, He was in He & He in Him & He became flesh.
Truth sews together a garment for them, made up of Flesh, that they may be fully restored to their original form, to the image of He. For He made them in the beginning with no material that would wither, but with His Flesh.
It’s simple really, He has come to remove from them the leaves that have withered around their waists, causing their nakedness to lay exposed & out in the cold. He now arrays them with His very being, Him Flesh
He is flesh & flesh is Word & Word is He. He is the centre of it al. The image & likeness He made them in, He is now giving back to them, that they may seek no longer a fake sense of protection but rest protected by Him in them & them in He- flesh. Now they are in the vine, where they belong & where they shall, as commanded.....MULTIPLY!!

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