Saturday, 1 September 2012

A new day has sprung forth

Today is spring day, it’s a new season.

All around, all day, I’ve been hearing people complaining about how cold it is for a “so called” spring day. Some have gone as far as discarding today as spring day. I just want to say, regardless of the fact that the weather appears to be completely contrasting that, but the truth is today is 1 September-spring day. A new day has sprung forth.

Someone once said that truth and reality are two contrasting effects that are typically misunderstood or confused. Realities change all the time, they are circumstantial. Sometimes realities make us forget the truth, because as much as we know what the truth is, when we see the here & now, the reality, it all seems like the truth is a far-fetched & often unrealistic “dream”. Realities are sometimes wavered by how we look at matters at hand & how the situation appears. Case in point, today we all expected that the sun would come out to play, & we would all get into our bright & colourful clothes, which we have been gradually pulling forward from behind the winter clothes in our cabinets. Some of us went & got new hats & bright coloured dresses to beckon in the newness approaching.  We expected that it would be a beautiful day & we would have spring day parties at the beach. Our picnic baskets had been cleaned & freshened in readiness for the big day. We did not even bother ourselves with “hoping” or praying that the clouds would stay away from our “date” with the sun. Clearly, the clouds did not get the memo that they were not invited to the party, because they came out, not alone, but with their friends, wind & cold.

What of our date? What of spring? Did the sun not know that we were anticipating her coming since mid August when we could handle no longer the harshness of winter? How could she not come & pull us out from under the sting of the unsympathetic winter?

 Well, the reality is that it is cold, the sun is only out symbolically of the time & to show that it is daytime. That’s the reality, but the truth is that nothing has changed, it still is spring day. Whether or not we see anything springing forth as yet does not take away from the truth. Our expectations were not met today, the reality may have somewhat punctured our perception of the truth, but again, the truth remains past the fleeting reality.

Time & again, God makes us, His people, promises of what He has created us to be. He speaks words that we sometimes don’t understand or even refuse to accept, because of the realities surrounding us at the time. That is why we need faith, for faith is after all, “confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1). Whatever God has said He will do, He will do. His truth is not affected by momentary realities. I am not implying that you should not acknowledge reality for what it is, all I am saying is that when you know the truth, never allow reality to discard or abort truth. FAITH. When you walk by faith, you do not need to see things to start believing them; instead, sometimes you are required to believe things to existence.

Don’t despair, this is a new season, whether it started off the way you wanted or not, whether you see a change as yet or not, whether you believe it or not….the truth is, a new day has come. SPRING FORTH!!

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